Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower, formerly known as Shahyad Tower, a memorial of Shah, is one of the landmarks of Tehran, marking the west entrance to the city. It was opened to public in 1972 and for many years it was the unique Symbol of Modern Iran.

Unfortunately, during the last years it was somehow abandoned, which caused it to experience some damages. Therefore, some experts warned that this symbolic monument is endangered. This project aimed to represent the current situation of the monument and depict the inconsistency of it within different instant photos, situated in different levels.

This work consists of 15 instax fujifilm, which obeys an alive tradition around this square. Taking memorial photos with Azadi Tower is one of the oldest rituals along its existence. Most of Iranian families own at least one photo with this monument. These photos are taken by many photographers who work around the square, mostly owned Polaroid Instant cameras. Nowadays, it has changed to digital cameras and portable printers. In spite of this update, the tradition still goes on...

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Simin (Silvern)

Azadi Tower

Carré de Fraternité

(the Corner of Brotherhood)

The Human Family

Trapped between Inside & Outside

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