Negar Latifian was born in Tehran in 1989.  Her Bachelor education in Chemical Engineering in University of Tehran, granted her the vision to work with the chemicals during the different processes of analog photography. This is why, during her education , she built her own darkroom to experience analog photography. After graduation, she shifted to her interest by pursuing photography, as her master studies. During this period, she was eager to assay different approaches, which led her to work in different genres. For instance, her old interest in alternative methods motivated her to adopt first introduced one, i.e. daguerreotype to portray the outdoor style of young Iranian girls as project of her master thesis. Along with, she worked on a photobook entitled “O-AB+B+A-B-O+A+AB” which was later published, won the 1st place award in photography section of 1st Nafas Visual Arts Festival and has been elected in 8th Annual Photobook Exhibition of Davis Orton Gallery, New York.

Additionally, she was awarded a 2-month residency in Cite International des Arts, Paris in summer of 2017. In this period, the opportunity of close interaction with other artists from various disciplines and origins led her not to limit herself only within the boundaries of photography and persuaded her to express her ideas concentrating only on her objective, independently from the medium. Thus, she worked in Cite on two photography and one collage projects. The latter was based on the found posters in the streets of Paris. In conclusion, she is not restricted in a specific method; her desired concept attracts its medium. This attitude leads her to freely choose between processes of photography or photo-based art.

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